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When conducting research on a previous film, “Before my Time,” which dealt with teaching about “the troubles” in the school history curriculum we were struck by how many teachers felt very uncomfortable dealing with the subject. A recent conversation with community workers has also revealed their discomfort when dealing with difficult topics. We are at a sensitive time in the …

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Bridging The Gap

“Bridging The Gap” investigated the experience of newcomer students integrating into the education system here in Northern Ireland. The film has been an instant success to date and is being used as a tool to help  educate teachers across the country on the needs and backgrounds of their pupils. The EA have also taken a special interest in the documentary. …

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When Ends Don’t Meet

The film was received well and showcased by Advice NI this year at the Imagine Belfast Festival to address growing concerns of social exclusion.

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A Step Too Far? A Contemplation On Forgiveness

Undoubtedly the most successful of Kettle Of Fish productions and their first full feature release funded by Peace III. Winner of the 2014 Chicago Peace On Earth Film Festival Best Documentary. Trailer here: Play it The film sold globally via Amazon and was purchased by many American Universities as a media library resource. The Irish Churches Peace Project used the …

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Before My Time

“Before My Time” was used as a catalyst to change the history curriculum in Northern Ireland opening up valuable discussions on teaching “the troubles” at schools across the country. It was also nominated for an award at the Learning On Screen Film Festival in London. Find out more about Learning On Screen here: About This was the first major success …

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Streets Apart

Our first serious documentary that looked at the division in Lurgan town between Protestants and Catholics. It was premiered at Martin Luther King Day in Pennsylvania.

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