International Links

We have a number of correspondents abroad which help us break new ground on issues important to us.

Versatile Team

We have a tight knit team with each member having a range of skills and expertise in different areas of film production.

Intelligent Filmmaking

We pride ourselves in making thought provoking films with serious content and well researched ideas.

Award Winning

Our documentaries have been successful both locally & internationally with a notable win at the Chicago Peace On Earth Film Festival.

Who We Are

With Kettle of Fish films you get something different. New perspectives on common themes. A different angle. A new way in. A more challenging approach that unlocks unexpected aspects of a story, uncovers new narratives and finds deeper resonance.

We freshen up the familiar. We make new or complicated issues easy to understand.

Much more than filmmakers, we are knowledgemakers and conversationmakers.

Our Team

Marina MooreheadPresenter
Marina Moorehead is the current head of music at Lurgan Junior High School. Wife of Paul Moorehead, she is the soft voice of the team and knRead more
Thomas GlassTechnical Director+
Thomas Glass is a filmmaker from Loughgall in Northern Ireland. In his teens Thomas spent much of his time making short videos with his frieRead more
Paul MooreheadManaging Director
Paul Moorehead is a filmmaker from Portadown in Northern Ireland. Paul’s career began as a teacher but his interest in issues of nonviolenceRead more
Chad FreyInternational Consultant+
Chad Frey lives and works in the United States. He works part-time at Messiah College, PA and is the creator of Partnership Planners softwarRead more

Our Services

We specialise in making documentaries.

They are a very powerful means of conveying social messages to the world. Many people look up to television and theaters to give them a form of entertainment and therefore if information based on correct facts can be passed on to them which are at the same time entertaining, then this medium can effect great changes by creating awareness and educating the masses. Documentaries also encourage critical thinking about the world, and seeing facts, can eliminate many myths and superstitions about issues. Watching documentaries about a certain country or region in the world can educate those people who cannot afford travel. They can still learn and enjoy the many benefits of travelling, by watching documentaries. Documentaries can educate and inspire people into taking certain steps which would not have been possible otherwise. A visually recorded fact is invincible evidence and therefore has a greater power to move minds more than the written or the spoken word.

Some Clients

Latest Project


Let’s Talk

When conducting research on a previous film, “Before my Time,” which dealt with teaching about “the troubles” in the school history curricul
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Bridging The Gap

"Bridging The Gap" investigated the experience of newcomer students integrating into the education system here in Northern Ireland. The film
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When Ends Don’t Meet

The film was received well and showcased by Advice NI this year at the Imagine Belfast Festival to address growing concerns of social exclus
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Ticking The Box? “Community Engagement Within The American Higher Education System.

"Ticking The Box?" was our first international full feature project. It gained recognition from The White House and it was showcased at the
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A Step Too Far? A Contemplation On Forgiveness

Undoubtedly the most successful of Kettle Of Fish productions and their first full feature release funded by Peace III. Winner of the 2014 C
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Before My Time

"Before My Time" was used as a catalyst to change the history curriculum in Northern Ireland opening up valuable discussions on teaching "th
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Streets Apart

Our first serious documentary that looked at the division in Lurgan town between Protestants and Catholics. It was premiered at Martin Luthe
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